September 14, 2017 12:46 PM Blog

This all started when Mary Cornelius penned me in to work with her at the ODS Championship Show in September. Who knew that most of the West would be in smoke and flames?

So when starting out, the smoke was so thick that I couldn't see the usual mountains and landscapes. It was so weird that the sun was just an orange ball hanging in a dusty sky.

On the bright side, I stayed 'twice' at my usual watering hole in Ashland and enjoyed fine beer and food at Caldera. While in Portland with Mary, I got to explore some new places, had lunch and brew at Amnesia; got to roll around some dogs; enjoyed working out of a vintage 1958 Airstream; got fed really well by Spike (Cornelius); and was sad when I had to leave and the Big Red Dog couldn't bring himself to say goodbye. I think I'm loved?

While passing thru Medford I got to swing in to visit those good guys at Beerworks and picked up a local Anaheim beer that I can't buy in Anaheim. I know, California; it's complicated.

All in all one of the best trips of the year! Enjoy the images. :)

Mary Cornelius Photography
ODS Championship Show Galleries
Caldera Brewing
Amnesia Brewing
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

September 3, 2017 10:43 AM Blog

So once upon a time, I lived in the quiet little town of Costa Mesa and close to that is the seaside town of Corona del Mar. Roger's Gardens is the local (and totally awesome) garden shop there. But it's more, so much more. There are treasures for the home and seasonal offerings such as them turning an entire building into a Halloween Haunt with ever changing themes. This year's theme pays tribute to Harry Potter and his world of magical things. I've made this trek annually to visit a little of home and as of the last few years my Bestie, KB, has joined me! It's the best time of the year!

August 31, 2017 04:00 PM Blog

So a few years ago I got the canning bug (which is carried by all the women of my family) and every summer I am called to the kitchen to save a little bit of Summer Goodness in glass jars. Since August didn't find me on the road, I found a great farmer down the hill who has all the Summer Goodness I can handle! Next year there will be pickles and more! But for now, enjoy today's canning goodness.

Jacinto Farms - peach supplier
Saving the Season, by Kevin West - canning bible
Great Stormy Summer Canning Weather - SoCal Mountains

August 8, 2017 10:48 AM Blog

So I have this cool friend. Yes, I have a handful of friends and they are all very cool people. This planet is a better place because they are here.

This friend, she's  smart; I mean like really smart. She's actually a Research Scientist but I adore her mostly because she's worked as a Professional High End Groom for world class horses (meaning she's got mad skillz). And she's a Halloween Weirdo like me! 

So when she invited me to come hang for a weekend and enjoy the spookiness of Burbank, CA (oh yes, there is spooky goodness to be had in her town) and try out a Con (ScareLA2017) I was in! Oh, and there's also a pack of Chihuahuas in this story and they happily swayed me to now know there are awesome dogs in their breed as well as the annoying ankle-biters. 

So without more detail, just enjoy the badly produced iPhone images of my weekend adventure! And know that next year ... next year there will be a solid plan and great images.

July 9, 2017 06:13 PM Blog

It's summer in this part of the world and it's hot. Temecula, California was no exception but despite the heat, riders donned heavy chaps; rode good horses, and cut themselves some cattle this last Friday at Galway Downs. The SCRCHA put on a nice show and I enjoyed a morning of shooting cutting. If you'd care to see the work, follow this link. As always, my thanks goes to Don Trout, as he always takes the time to answer my shooting questions and guides me to being a better photographer.

June 29, 2017 02:58 PM Blog

Well now that I've got your attention.

It's always on my mind to do a blog post on how "I" feel about being a Horse Show Photographer. And I believe, while there's good reason to point out what's wrong with the profession, I'd like to shine a little light on what's right about the profession. So with that, I hope you'll stay and enjoy the read.

It seems every time I read a post about Horse Show Photography it's littered with complaints about Poachers (or perceived Poachers), poor income, how hard we work and I just go away from those articles feeling sad about the entire thing. But really, and I mean this, it's got to be good or those of us doing it wouldn't do it. Right?

I learned about horse photography and being a Horse Show Photographer back in 1993 from Don Trout. So while I shoot a variety of horse breeds and disciplines, my foundation is that of the Stock Horse world.

The Don Trout School of Horse Photography, Class of '93
(copied with permission)

Armed with my new found knowledge I returned home to photograph our little mare; photograph some other breeds and sports (because I wanted to be good at shooting horses and not just specific breeds or sports) and eventually I worked my share of horse shows. And, like a lot of people who want to do horse show photography but we can't figure out the big picture; I didn't have a clue about how to staff help so I worked way too hard and got fussy about the industry and left for magazine work.

Me shooting my set up at a Dressage Show.
I always had visitors.
And I still tilt my horizon.

And an overview of me,
that Mistry Pony,
and some of the terrific people
I have worked with and for at horse shows.

Digital photography came along and changed the world we knew forever in good and not so good ways. Magazine work was on the decline and horse shows were now swamped with everyone shooting. In some areas it hurt business and in others there was virtually no affect. Somewhere down the line I stated to shoot a little Western Trail for Don Trout Photography (where Deb had brought me on to help with sales) and that blossomed into full bore Horse Show Photography for the Trouts. And this is where I think a few things need to be said.

  1. Be or Don't Be a Horse Show Photographer.
  2. Be Happy with your Deal or Don't do it.
  3. Think of Us as a Group and not just as Individuals.
  4. Pick a Show that Supports You and if not, Move On.

There's something so wonderful about people who come to a horse show and literally set up a 'studio' (in some cases) to photograph these large animals and their people. I've always felt this was so amazing! Then there's props and signage; grooming supplies, computers, lights, office sales help, mirrors, candy, things that make noise and things that look pretty; and all of this creates the world of the Horse Show Photographer. It's the laughter over dinners, the moments when you realize your boss has slipped into the backdrop shot; the dogs and their antics; the kids and how they love their horses; the prizes, and time standing still for a few days so you can enjoy fine horses and the kindness of people who love animals surrounding you. It's so amazingly wonderful. And this is why I think so many of us are Horse Show Photographers. And why this keeps drawing me back.

The Studio set up for the Medford Oregon Summer Classic show.
Don and Deb have been the Horse Show Photographer there for 31 years!

The other thing to consider, and this is aimed at those of you who aspire to photograph horses, is that the Horse Show Photographer shows up with a trailer/car load of gear; insurance; staff, and not one thing to sell until they shoot. So when other people come to a show and shoot & share it does hurt the Horse Show Photographer. And I'm not saying don't shoot. I'm saying, pick a show that has no Show Photographer working it to shoot at. Or just shoot for your close friends and not the entire class. The flip side of this is that people who love photography and buy images will always buy good images. It's part of who they are and poachers won't change that. It's the people who don't spend money on photography who want free. These people are not your customers. 

And Pro Shooters, don't show up and say, 'oh it's my client and they asked me to come' and then shoot. Your client couldn't show up at a Professional Football game and ask another team to come and play. Let the client embrace the resources of the show that they are at and they will probably find out that it's fun to see how other photographers photograph them. And you can photograph them someplace that does't have a Horse Show Photographer working.

Let's work on being a group of people who try to make our world better. It's about 'us'. Those shows 'back in the day' that one person could work now have more classes; more rings; more coverage and now more technology is needed and we as working staff need to figure out how to do our job efficiently and still make a profit. Profit = Living and so this is where we need to change with the times.

And if you really want to be a Horse Show Photographer, then make connections with the shooters you admire and see if you can work for them. Hone your craft and then savor the moments in a world that only we can experience.

Deb Trout and I selfie'ing while we are taking down the backdrop area.
Like the song says, we're the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Thank you for taking time out to read this post. I tried to keep it short and to the point. I really love the horse world but I also know that it takes a Village. If you're in this alone, you're gonna get angry. You're not alone. We're all here for each other (or so I'd like to think).

June 15, 2017 09:52 AM Blog

It's an age old question for a lot of Creatives; do I have the ambition to keep up a Blog? And there's no easy answer here. Supposedly an active Blog shows that you're busy BUT in a lot of our cases, we are busy and we don't have the time to sit and chat about it on a Blog; much less prep images and so on and so forth.

But that said, I long to be the type of person who wants to journal (blog). I want to write interesting things that a lot of people would care about; would want to read. I want to be that person who keeps a Good Blog but not necessarily an Overly Active Blog. And I've stopped and started this more than once.

So, for those of you who've stuck with me; I'm gonna try this again. Now though, I have a nifty new software (Sytist by PicturesPro) that makes it really easy to add my Blog into my new site design. And, yes, I still have things to say. So! Here Goes!

I recently worked a job in Utah for Don Trout Photography and I usually treat myself to an overnighter in Vegas after the job. I love Vegas. There's nothing not to love about Vegas; ask and you will receive! I usually stay at the South Point Hotel & Casino (because it's a great place AND they have Equestrian Events!) And this year I've been on a quest to find the Perfect Taco. 

It's boiled down to this; the perfect steak taco was found in Houston (TX). Battered fish tacos are my first love in Old Town Orange (CA), but heading into Vegas I decided to try Los Tacos off Sahara and, wow, it's pretty much my Taco Mecca. I got the El Pastor but the owner played Nine and A Half Weeks on me and fed me a little taste of the entire taco menu along with the Shrimp Cocktail (which was to die for). As you can tell from my photo, the owner also has a fine sense of humor.

All that foolishness aside, great menu; food to die for; and you're in and out in the shake of a lamb's tail! Two locations in Las Vegas (NV) and his Father's place (the original) is up in San Francisco (CA) so I cannot say I was surprised by the high quality of the ingredients and the menu items served. Estupendo! I can't wait to get back there in October!

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