As 2017 Comes to an End ...

December 22, 2017

I love to read the accounts of friends who let me in on how their year went. Stories are the slices of life; the images that make you think about your own situation and that of friends and maybe even the world (or the world around you?).

So this year brought good and not so good to my door and that's just life. When you mix it all together, it's what you have and the fact that you survived it that just shows you're more than you may have thought you were at the time.

As I celebrated Yule last night, I tried to consider how I've grown this year and what my inner most desires and realizations are. Here's just a general rambling list. Enjoy!

I saw a trivia note that if I had purchased $1000 of Apple Stock back in 1970, that it would be worth roughly $455,000 +/- today. And that told me that I could have actually screwed off most of my working life and still been way better off than I am today financially. Hummmm, something to ponder for sure.

That brings me to the things I'd tell my 16 year old self.
*First; leave your hair long. You are a hair nightmare with no on going style because you just can't keep up those cute short styles and then you become a lab experiment. Keeping the hair long, gives you the ability to tie it up and out of the way as well as keep it down and be that 70's girl you really are.
*Second; pull $1000 out of savings (yes, I've always had some savings) and go buy Apple Stock. Then keep it ... like, 47 years. It'll be worth it.
*Lastly, learn to program! You're a girl and it's a man's world, but stick in there and learn. Typing is fine but programming will give you the world you really want to be in. You can do it and don't let the math scare you. Again, you can do this. And, btw, your best friend is a math wiz and she'll be happy to help you.

Finding out who I am and being happy with me.
I believe, as of this year, that I know who I am and I'm happy with me.
I realize that I'm not a 'sugar coat it' kind of gal (some of you are laughing now but it's okay). And interestingly enough, I not only like straight to the point conversation (and straight to the point people) but I love horror and sci fi. Seems 'my people' are a small facet who pretty much hate everyone but us. I like that ... I'm into that. Straight forward; to the point; no begging or sugar coating unless it's for entertainment in a horror movie! Yes!

Thoughts on Being Kind.
As I grow older, I find that it's easy to be kind and not involve myself in some rant or debate with people to think they'll see things the way I do. They have their opinions and life experiences; I have mine; so best to be kind as I can and go on with my life. It really keeps things simple.

Sometimes Things Come Full Circle.
I've always believed that things sometimes come back around; there's a reason for why things happen even though the reasoning may not reveal itself for a long time. This was no truer than this year.

First up; the Horse World lost one of its great people and Master Photographer in that of Don Trout.
We all wish that the good things in life could just continue on and that's how I've always felt about Mr. Trout. He was my mentor in Horse Photography; he was a super good teacher (even though I was lazy and resisted change), and he, above all, was so kind to not only me but everyone. It's hard to lose someone like that and yet it makes me wonder if I didn't meet him and his super great wife, Deb, all those years ago just so I could spend the last few years with him learning more; putting in shooting time; and becoming a lot less lazy about things when it comes to a little more elbow grease. The world lost a really good man this year but I am happy to my core that I could work for him and ease a little of his workload and at the same time, show him that the time he put in to teach me how to properly photograph horses all those years ago was not wasted.

Secondly, I edit photos for a few photographers. I love editing because I get to see all the fun and never leave my office! But because I am on the road still shooting with Trout Photography, I cannot take on many new clients for edit work just due to lack of time. But back before I really started to shoot for Don and Deb I worked for a really neat clearing house for edit work. You never knew what photographer's work you'd get to edit for but I was lucky enough to have super groovy contact in the company so I usually got my favorites which were the weddings from England (which I LOVEEEEEE) and I got to do some sessions for Carolyn Scott Photography. Now her style is just awesome! She personally (without knowing it of course) inspired me to develop my own edit style. But her work knocked me out and I have followed (some say stalked) her ever since. And this year she and her Hubbs came out to AZ and accepted a couple of session slots which; I GOT ONE! So I loaded up the car and my Hubbs and we got to enjoy a real photo session of our own. The take away to this is that if you have never had a session or you like your picture taken but you think it's too much money or trouble, I say, look around and just do it! It's so much fun!!!! And for me, it was like getting to meet a celeb ... cause, yes, I do stalk her (actually them; Carolyn & Geoff) and they are just an awesome wonderful team!

No one can tell the future (or much of it) so on the big picture, the lives you touch; the people you meet; you never know when your paths will cross. And even if things don't work out with everyone, you can always learn a little something that makes you a better person. I would like to think I strive to be better every day. But at my core; I like me. I'd just like me with Apple Stock from the 70's in the bank. (insert laughing gif here).

Until next year, Merry Merry to All, and to All a Good Night.

Don Trout Photography
Carolyn Scott Photography


As 2017 Comes to an End ...
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