To Blog or Not to Blog ... oh, wait, a taco!

June 15, 2017

It's an age old question for a lot of Creatives; do I have the ambition to keep up a Blog? And there's no easy answer here. Supposedly an active Blog shows that you're busy BUT in a lot of our cases, we are busy and we don't have the time to sit and chat about it on a Blog; much less prep images and so on and so forth.

But that said, I long to be the type of person who wants to journal (blog). I want to write interesting things that a lot of people would care about; would want to read. I want to be that person who keeps a Good Blog but not necessarily an Overly Active Blog. And I've stopped and started this more than once.

So, for those of you who've stuck with me; I'm gonna try this again. Now though, I have a nifty new software (Sytist by PicturesPro) that makes it really easy to add my Blog into my new site design. And, yes, I still have things to say. So! Here Goes!

I recently worked a job in Utah for Don Trout Photography and I usually treat myself to an overnighter in Vegas after the job. I love Vegas. There's nothing not to love about Vegas; ask and you will receive! I usually stay at the South Point Hotel & Casino (because it's a great place AND they have Equestrian Events!) And this year I've been on a quest to find the Perfect Taco. 

It's boiled down to this; the perfect steak taco was found in Houston (TX). Battered fish tacos are my first love in Old Town Orange (CA), but heading into Vegas I decided to try Los Tacos off Sahara and, wow, it's pretty much my Taco Mecca. I got the El Pastor but the owner played Nine and A Half Weeks on me and fed me a little taste of the entire taco menu along with the Shrimp Cocktail (which was to die for). As you can tell from my photo, the owner also has a fine sense of humor.

All that foolishness aside, great menu; food to die for; and you're in and out in the shake of a lamb's tail! Two locations in Las Vegas (NV) and his Father's place (the original) is up in San Francisco (CA) so I cannot say I was surprised by the high quality of the ingredients and the menu items served. Estupendo! I can't wait to get back there in October!

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