When Wishes Come True ...

December 4, 2017

So we all have wishes. And sometimes we get them and sometimes we don't. As it so happens, this last Nov/Dec one of my best friends and I got our wishes granted and it was, in a word, super! So lemme tell you the story ...

I realized this year that I have spent as much time with my husband as I have being born; growing up; going to school; dating; marrying badly; figuring out how to be unmarried; and sort of finding myself along the way. Yes, for exactly 29 years I have been with Paul. Which puts us exactly in the middle of our lives so far! I think that's amazing. And to mark this, I wanted us to have a kick ass photo session and I got lucky because the photog couple that I stalk are from North Carolina but they were gonna be in Arizona in November and offering a couple of session slots so Paul & I were in!

Little did I know that Paul would tweak his back; get blessed with 35 days +/- of freelance audio work; and work himself into a froth right up until the day before Thanksgiving (which, our shoot would be the day after Thanksgiving but think, travel time). So he muscles thru like a star and I'm gonna have super super super nice images of the two of us from super talented shooters and a great memory was made as well! This also get's Paul off the hook for any future anniversaries; holidays; and birthdays. So my wish got grated and I would think Paul had a wish in there as well.

Then there's my Bestie, KB, who has always wanted a photo shoot with a horse. And you'd think she and I could have done this years ago but it was one of those things that we just seemed to talk about and not do. So enter another friend Ashley, who has access to very sweet horses and Bam! Photo shoot with horses happens for my friend KB. Another wish granted.

So, while there are many people wishing many things, I consider myself pretty darn lucky for the wishes I am granted and I'm actually really grateful that I have very cool friends; access to awesome photographers; and I have this really good life.

Happy Holidays!

Carolyn Scott Photography
Shadow Glen Ranch
Focused Foundations

When Wishes Come True ...
When Wishes Come True ...
When Wishes Come True ... horses,kb,kim,shadow glen,
When Wishes Come True ... horses,kb,kim,shadow glen,
When Wishes Come True ... ashley lowe,hollywood band,kb,kim,me,shadow glen,
When Wishes Come True ... ashley lowe,hollywood band,horse,jj,kb,kim,me,shadow glen,
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